High-precision motion platform for semiconductor wafer inspection

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1 Fine rotational indexing and alignment of wafers or substrates
Highly accurate and repeatable 360-degree rotation with no backlash
Magnetic direct drives enable high speed and acceleration
Direct drive provides very low cogging torque and enables smooth speed and low error motion
Ultra-precision air bearings developed and manufactured in-house
Further performance improvements to optimize performance specifications for asynchronous operations

2 Z-axis – precision wafer alignment
Excellent design with low profile height, high load and compact structure
Direct-drive enables zero cogging, smooth motion in nanoscale steps, and fast response
High-resolution encoder enables nanoscale positioning of motion platforms
Pneumatic balancing system prevents motor overheating and avoids collisions
Affordable and fast delivery


3 XY axis – precision stepping and stable motion
Highly dynamically coupled ironless linear motors mounted on the base shaft for powerful, fast precision movements
Dual encoder system ensures motor alignment with deflection angle while achieving high resolution and accuracy
Low profile multi-bearing rigid platform reduces Abbe deflection and enables greater flatness and straightness
Designed for high flexibility and customization
Optimized integrated cable management reduces movement resistance and extends service life
Granite base ensures high performance of the motion system
Optional active vibration isolation system

Film Thickness Measurement Applications
During the semiconductor manufacturing process, multiple dielectric layers are deposited on the silicon wafer
Film thickness measurement for measuring the correct thickness of each layer
Usually the optical technique "ellipsometry" is used
Ellipsometry measures the degree of polarization of light after reflection on the surface of a film, allowing the thickness of this layer to be determined down to the angstrom level