Fast Steering Mirror

Fast Steering Mirror

  • Hollow voice coil mirror

    Hollow voice coil mirror

    Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM) combine our mechanical, optical, and electronics expertise to deliver a flexure-mounted system offering a compact,

    high-performance solution for single and multi-axis optical scanning and beam stabilization applications.

  • Large aperture quick return mirror

    Large aperture quick return mirror


    • High-Resolution Surface Scans with Defined Angle in Two Axes
    • Rapid Prototyping
    • Plastic Welding
    • Steel Cutting and Welding with Beam Deflection
    • Fast Optical Near Field Communication
  • Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM)

    Fast Steering Mirrors (FSM)

    Main features

    • 2D wobbling of low- to high-power laser beams
    • Mrad angular range with μrad resolution
    • Long lifetime thanks to bearingless design
    • Customizable in a small footprint


    • Laser soldering and welding
    • Fine 2D beam alignment (e.g. in laser cavities)
    • Lissajous scanning
  • Large angle fast steering mirror

    Large angle fast steering mirror


    • Large clear apertures and beam angles
    • 2D beam deflection with a single optical element (reduced reflection loss, no beam-shift)
    • Robust voice-coil actuation
    • Optical real-time position feedback
    • Compact & lightweight
    • Customized coatings available