E-ABW400-X One-dimensional air floating platform


E-ABW400-X One-dimensional air floating platform

Short Description:

● Ideal for scanning applications or high-precision positioning

● Cleanroom compatible

● Size of the motion platform 400 mm × 138 mm

● Travel ranges 200 mm to 1000 mm

● Resolution to 5 nm



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Product Overview

The stages are equipped with a servo drive linear motor with preloaded air bearings and integrated linear encoder. The combination of these noncontact components results in a frictionless motion platform that offers the highest performance, quality, and lifetime.

A high-force linear motor can drive the stage to top speed within a few milliseconds, and the high-capacity bearings can support payloads up to 20 kg. The laterally opposed, actively preloaded air bearing design in this model allows mounting in any orientation.

Accessories And Options

● Encoder

● Filter and Air Preparation Kits

● Single and multi-axis motion controller

● XY setups and individual configurations

● Cable track variations

● Options with counterweight for vertical (Z) orientation

● Customizations available

● Base plates made of granite and systems for reducing vibration

Application Fields

positioning systems are ideally suited for many high-precision applications such as metrology, photonics, and precision scanning in semiconductor or flat panel display manufacturing.

Thanks to the friction-free motion, no particles are formed, which makes stages ideal for cleanroom applications.

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  • Specification ABW400-200 -300 -400 -600 -800 -1000
    Effective travel [mm] 200 300 400 600 800 1000
    Opticval Encode resolution [nm] 5nm Opticval Encode resolution
    Repeatability  Accuracy [nm] ±100 ±100 ±150 ±200 ±300 ±350
    Accuracy 2um/100mm (After calibration can be less than0.3um/100mm)
    Straightness  [um] ±0.4 ±0.5 ±0.6 ±0.75 ±1 ±1.5
    Flatness [um] ±1  ±1  ±1 ±1.5
    Max Speed 2m /s
    Max acceleration(no load) 2G
    Load Capacity-Horizontal [kg] 35kg
    Load Capacity-Side [kg] 20kg

    E-ABW400-X One-dimensional air floating platform2



    1)Are you a factory or trading company?
    A: We are a factory located in China.

    2)How long is the warranty time for your products?
    A: Warranty time is one Years.

    3)Do you provide customized product service?
    A: Yes, we can provide, we can design and produce according to the size, thickness and structure you want.

    4) Are the products customizable?

    A: We provide the ultimate engineered motion solutions for our clients. In many cases this involves customizing or configuring our standard products to a client’s unique application and specifications. Please contact us if you’re interested in customizing or configuring one of our standard products, or if you’d like to work with our engineering team to design a unique solution to meet your needs of the feedback source.  If this velocity is exceeded, the commutation initialization is no longer valid, and commutation must be reinitizlized.



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