E-ABR100 Unpowered air bearing rotary stage


E-ABR100 Unpowered air bearing rotary stage

Short Description:

● Cleanroom compatible

● Motion platform diameter from 100 mm to 300 mm

● Eccentricity and flatness < 100 nm

● Can be mounted vertically or horizontally

● Design Features

● Delivers best-in-class rotational motion, helping you to optimize your high-precision process

● Minimizes axial-, radial-, and tilt-error motions, reducing the need for extensive post-processing of parts and measurement data

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Short Description

3R-NG Unpowered Air Bearing Rotary Stage1 (1)

● Provides generous load-carrying capacity without compromising on motion quality

● Integrates easily into precision systems and machines due to compact, lightweight form factor, as well as horizontal and vertical mounting and load-carrying capabilities

● Key Applications

● E-3R-NG stages are ideal for high-precision applications, including:

● Surface metrology, including the measurement of roundness, flatness, and form error

● Micro- and nanotomography

● Beamline and synchrotron research

● Precision manufacturing, including diamond turning, grinding and other high-performance machine tool applications

● Optical alignment, inspection and calibration systems

● Engineered for Precision

● The E-ABR100 series is meticulously engineered to consistently satisfy even the most stringent performance requirements. At its core is an industry-leading, air-bearing technology that delivers nanometer-level error motion performance with high stiffness and load-carrying capabilities.

● Simple, Straightforward Integration

● E- AB R100 features an advanced bearing design that provides excellent stiffness and high load capacity, while maintaining compact overall dimensions and reasonably low overall mass. This makes E-ABR100 ideal to use as a component stage in multi-axis motion systems and precision turnkey machines. E-3R-NG stages can be mounted with the axis of rotation oriented either vertically or horizontally

● Maintenance-Free Operation

● The E-3R-NG completely contactless air-bearing and non-influencing motor design ensures years of maintenance-free operation. Zero contact between moving elements means there is no wear or reduction in performance over time, enabling consistent, high-precision motion over a virtually unlimited service life.

3R-NG Unpowered Air Bearing Rotary Stage1 (2)

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  • Stationary state working status

    Minimum load

    Radial direction 300N 150N
    Axial direction 1200N 600N
    Flip direction 30Nm 15Nm

    Minimum rigidity


    Radial direction 80N/um
    Axial direction 230N/um
    Flip direction 0.3Nm/urad

    Synchronous motion error

    Radial direction 100nm
    Axial direction 100nm
    Flip direction 1urad
    Mass Total 9300g
    rotor 3300g
    Moment of inertia 0.005kg·m2
    Max Rotating speed 7,500rpm
    Maximum air consumption 23SLPM




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    A: We are a factory located in China.

    2)How long is the warranty time for your products?
    A: Warranty time is one Years.

    3) How about your products Quality?
    A: We have a strict quality control system.
    All products ordered from our factory are inspected by a professional quality control team.

    4) Are the products customizable?

    A: We provide the ultimate engineered motion solutions for our clients. In many cases this involves customizing or configuring our standard products to a client’s unique application and specifications. Please contact us if you’re interested in customizing or configuring one of our standard products, or if you’d like to work with our engineering team to design a unique solution to meet your needs of the feedback source.  If this velocity is exceeded, the commutation initialization is no longer valid, and commutation must be reinitizlized.

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