Electric rotating platform


Electric rotating platform

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Product Features
◎Standard stepper motor and RS232 interface, independently developed by the company
The motion controller can automate its control
○The rotating shaft system is precision-machined by multi-channel technology.
High precision, large load capacity and long service life
⊙Adopts the precise research and matching worm gear structure, which makes the movement comfortable,
Can be rotated in any forward and reverse direction with minimal backlash
○Exquisitely designed air-reducing structure, which can be adjusted for long-term use
○The special structural design ensures the extremely low end jump of the rotating table
And eccentric, make the rotation movement more stable

Product Detail


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◎The scale circle on the periphery of the table is a laser-marked scale, which can be
Rotates relative to tabletop for easy initial positioning and reading
◎Stepping motor and worm through imported high-quality elastic coupling
connection, synchronous transmission, good depolarization performance, greatly reducing the bias
The heart is disturbed and the noise is small.
◎Electric turntable can be used horizontally or vertically, and can be used with
Other types of tables form a multi-dimensional electric adjustment table

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  • Model EJG01RA60M
    Angle range 360°
    Size of stages φ60mm
    Transmission ratio 90:1
    Drive mechanism Worm gear and worm structure
    Rail Bearing
    Stepper motor (1.8°) SST42D2121
    Body Material Aluminum alloy
    Surface treatment Anodized black
    Capacity 30kg
    Weight 1.2kg
    Resolution 0.02°(no subdivision)
    0.001°=3.6”(20 Segmentation)
    Speed 25°/sec
    Repeatability 0.005°=18″
    Absolute Positioning Accuracy 0.01°=36″
    End Jump Accuracy 15μ
    Empty return 0.005°=18″
    Lost steop 0.005°=18″
    Flatness 80μ
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