E-NLS92-50-1V-BLinear mortor motion stage High precision Linear Stage


E-NLS92-50-1V-BLinear mortor motion stage High precision Linear Stage

Short Description:

● LS90-50-1V-B Features;

● Ultra-thin, linear motor drive. Stroke 50mm;

● Extremely small size, profile 122mm x 92mm x 18mm;

● 50 nm minimum incremental motion;

● Repeat positioning accuracy: ≤100nm;

● Grating resolution 1nm (1vpp);

● Rated thrust 5N Peak thrust 16N;

● Imported cross guide rail;

● Maximum load: 4Kg;

● Smooth continuous motion, industrial-grade service life;

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● The NLS series uses a specially customized voice coil motor, combined with high-resolution gratings and precision cross roller guides, in the mini.

● The small size also has the same high precision and high dynamics as the UMS series. Especially suitable for some applications that are very sensitive to volume scene.

● Non-contact direct drive motor, ultra-high precision and excellent dynamic performance;

● Ironless motor, the speed fluctuation is less than one thousandth (combined with the specified type of drive, laboratory environment test data);

● Quiet and anti-creep guide rails to ensure micro-step control;

● Long service life, maintenance-free use for a long time;

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  • Specification Parameter
    Travel 50 mm
    Encoder type Optical encoder(1Vpp)
    Resolution 1 - 5nm
    Effective minimum displacement 50nm(-S format accuracy 20nm)
    Repeatability accuracy ±100nm (-S format accuracy ±50nm ,)
    Rated pushing force 5N
    Peak push and pull force 16N
    Max speed 200mm/s
    Acceleration(no load) 4G
    Load in horizontal 4KG
    Motor drive form Special tiling linear motor
    Guide rail Cross Roller Guide
    Size 122mm x 92mm x 18mm
    Length of cable 3m
    Material Aluminum alloy (optional stainless steel)
    Driver interface USB; Dual RJ45 100Mbps EtherCAT

    NLS92-50-1V-BLinear morto

    1) What is “Nanopositioning”?

    A: In the not-too-distant past, the precision tail-end of the bell curve in automation was often colloquially referred to as the “micropositioning” segment of the market. The term microposition derives from the fact that high-precision positioning systems were routinely operating at the micron level. Manufacturers in this space were specifying key system attributes such as Bi-directional repeatability, Accuracy, and Stability in units of microns. Such systems sufficiently filled industry demands from Life Science and Diagnostics, to Non-contact metrology, to the Tech sectors of Semiconductor, Data Storage, and Flat Panel Display.

    Fast forward to our present day and no longer are such systems sufficient. Evolving industry needs in microscopy and biotechnology demand evolving levels of performance from precision positioning equipment manufacturers. As the features of interest across markets become smaller, the ability to position at the nanometer level becomes a market imperative.

    2) Does your product ship overseas?

    A: Yes, we ship our products internationally and have distributors in designated areas.

    3) How do I ask for a quote on a specific product?

    A:You can send a email to us , we will make a official quotation to you.

    4) Are the products customizable?

    A: We provide the ultimate engineered motion solutions for our clients. In many cases this involves customizing or configuring our standard products to a client’s unique application and specifications. Please contact us if you’re interested in customizing or configuring one of our standard products, or if you’d like to work with our engineering team to design a unique solution to meet your needs of the feedback source.  If this velocity is exceeded, the commutation initialization is no longer valid, and commutation must be reinitizlized.

    5)What is gantry stages?

    A: The gantry stages are designed to provide unsurpassed repeatability and excellent throughput under real world operating conditions. Our gantry stages are designed to move such items as inspection cameras, laser heads, or specific customer tooling over either removable substrates or fixtures mounted to the base of the system. The gantry base can be provided with mounting holes for interfacing a customer’s hardware to the stage. Due to its simplicity and ease of assembly, it is the ideal gantry stage configuration for OEMS and system integrators building machines for demanding applications. Many of Dover Motion’s standard screw driven and servo motor linear products can be integrated together as a gantry stage to achieve an application’s required accuracy and travel for XYZ motion.

    ●Pre-formatted base for ease of integration;

    ●Risers to provide space between the base and moving beam;

    ●Integrated cable tracks and hi flex cable;

    ●All axes tested together and burned in to ensure performance and reliability requirements are met before shipment.

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