E-TRI-R5 Three-axis parallel leveling platform


E-TRI-R5 Three-axis parallel leveling platform

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Parallel-kinematic design for three degrees of freedom, making it significantly more compact and stiff than serial-kinematic systems, higher dynamics, no moved cables: Higher reliability, reduced friction.

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Stepper Motor

Stepper motors are particularly suitable for low speeds. They can be controlled very accurately and ensure high precision. Because they dispense with sliding contacts, they run smoothly, are wear-free and therefore achieve a long lifetime.

Hexapod Simulation Tool The simulation software simulates the limits of the workspace and load capacity of a hexapod.

Application fields

Industry and research. For micromanufacturing, medical technology, tool inspection.

● Travel ranges to ±5 mm / ±2.5°

● Load capacity to 20 kg

● Repeatability to ±0.2 µm

● Velocity to 5 mm/s

● In a parallel-kinematic, multi-axis system, all actuators act directly on a single moving platform.

This means that all axes can be designed with identical ynamic properties, thus reducing the moved mass considerably. Hexapods are used for moving and precision positioning, aligning and displacing loads in all six degrees of freedom, i.e., three linear and three rotational axes.

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  • Specification Parameter
    Z axes max travel ±5mm
    Z axes resolution 4.88nm
    Z axes Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±0.2um
    Positional stability ±20nm
    Max speed 5mm/s
    Max acceleration 2m/s
    θX/θY Max travel ±2.5°
    θ axes resolution 0.15sec
    θ axes Repeat Positioning Accuracy ±1sec
    Max speed 1°/s
    Max acceleration 20°/s^2
    Counterweight balance Pneumatic balance (minimum air pressure 0.1MPa maximum air pressure 0.6MPa)
    Max load 20kg


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